Daily Struggles: How To Fold A Shirt

How To Fold A Shirt

There is nothing more annoying than taking a shirt out of your wardrobe or a t shirt from your drawer to find that it’s full of creases. It’s the one thing that can get your morning off to a bad start, leading to another bleary-eyed rush to iron it before being late for work. Again. Luckily for all of us, there are easier solutions. In fact, there are plenty of handy tips and tricks on how best to fold a shirt and avoid the much-dreaded creases. Whether you roll them, Japanese quick fold them or use a handy gadget to get the perfect folds, how you fold is all down to personal preference.


The Army Roll Method

Possibly the strictest, but most effective way of folding a shirt, the army roll is a space-efficient way to prevent t shirt wrinkles. If you’re a dab-hand at making burritos, you’ll be a pro at this. All you need is a dollar note (bare with us). Place your t shirt or shirt flat and fold in about 4 inches from the bottom. This is where the dollar note comes in. Place the note in the middle of the t shirt at the bottom. Fold in one side, with the sleeve out, so that it lines up with the edge of the note. Then do the same with the other side and sleeve. Take the note out and start rolling the shirt downwards from the collar. Make sure that you are rolling quite tightly. As you roll, the sides will begin to flatten outwards, so just push the sides in to maintain the note width.Once you reach the end, pull the 4-inch fold you made at the beginning and pull it. If you’ve followed the steps correctly, you should have a perfectly folded shirt. If not, it’s probably best you don’t pursue a career in the army.

The Flip Fold Method

If like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, you’re a fan of having perfectly folded t shirts, then you can always invest in a handy gadget like the Flip Fold. Mens printed t shirts often have a design right in the centre which can make them trickier to fold. You shouldn’t hang them up, either, as this can often cause the shoulders to stretch, which is a look that no-one wants. Using the Flip Fold is probably the quickest method for folding t shirts and shirts and is particularly beneficial if you like to keep your space organised or are going on holiday and need to save on space.

The Japanese Quick Folding Method

If you want to fold your shirts in a quicker fashion, or just fancy a challenge, then give the Japanese quick folding method a go. Believe it or not, once you’ve mastered this you’ll be able to fold your shirts in seconds with minimal creasing.

  1. Lay the shirt flat in front of you, with the front facing upwards. Make sure the shirt is lying sideways, with the collar to the right and the hem to your left.
  2. Using your right hand, pinch the shoulder seam on the right sleeve of the shirt.
  3. With your left hand, pinch the edge of the shirt halfway down. Both of your hands should be pinching the shirt fabric in a straight and horizontal line.
  4. Still keeping hold of both pinches, cross your right hand with your left so that the back of the shirt is now facing upwards. Put the shoulder seam with the bottom edge of the shirt.
  5. With your right hand, pinch the bottom edge of the shirt, as well as the top of the shoulder seam. Be sure to pinch all layers of the fabric.
  6. Now, uncross your hands. This will bring the left pinch inside out. Pick the shirt up off of the table and there should be a nice, neat fold between the pinches.
  7. Using the tabletop as a guide, fold the shirt into thirds. The front of the shirt should face up and the neck nicely in the centre.

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