Tees And Fashion

Streetwear, swimwear and everything in between. Fashion has always been my passion, especially from an industry point of view: since when I was young, I’ve always admired designers and artists within the fashion industry for their extravagant creations. On this blog, you will find small industry insights, trends and a lot of pictures.

Designers Making The Brand

I’m really passionate about independent designers who made the cut in a pretty much conservative industry, examples like Virgil Abloh and Riccardo Tisci, in fact, are the perfect ones to describe what my thoughts are regarding personalities within this vast world. I personally think that fashion reaches its pinnacle when people are breaking boundaries, using styles that were not used before, combining “weird” shapes to classic pieces and so on.

When it comes to fashion as a whole, I do personally think that personality and brand identity are the main reasons why certain firms and designers became so famous and iconic. From Gucci’s iconic pattern to Burberry’s traditional trench coat, my idea of fashion goes with the fact that every major designer is showing personality.


The Japanese Culture

I’m also really passionate about the eastern side of fashion, especially for what concerns the Japanese/Korean fashion industry: artists like Nigo and brands like Comme Des Garcons are two of my favourite ones.

I personally think that, in terms of streetwear, the entire Japanese culture is ages ahead, compared to our western idea on the matter.

This Is It

My idea of fashion, streetwear and everything else. Tees And Fears is first and foremost my way to express myself as a fashion enthusiast, hope you’ll like it.