🔥 Top Trends For This Winter 🔥

Big coats, check shirts and beanies aren’t the only things you can wear in the winter season, 2018 has been filled with plenty of different styles and new trends. Dad caps and trainers have been an unconventional trend and winter doesn’t look to be calming down with some adverse styles being seen on the catwalk and the high street. Here’s a look at five trends you can expect to see in winter.


It might not be builders and the public services wearing high visibility coats next time you’re out. Neon green, orange and darker colours are being complemented with reflective strips for what looks to be a workwear trend. Both heavy and lightweight jackets are available, and the style is oversized for an authentic workwear finish.

Shearling Jackets

Shearling jackets and borg lining is always fashionable in the colder months, but usually, the sheer warmth is on the inside of the coat. This winter already shows signs that the shearling style will be highlighted on both the inside and outside of jackets. It offers a traditional warm look for a style perfect for winter walks. Matched up with a pair of old jeans, boots and an oversized shearling jacket in a light neutral colour will be a winter favourite.

Hiking Boots

The majority of fashion shows have correspondingly provided the winter footwear collections, and hiking boots won’t just be for those going up a mountain. Hiking boots are a raw choice of footwear that shows your style is ready for anything. Worn with the latest streetwear trends, the boots are shown in both light and dark colours depending on what you fancy. It’s a style that makes logical sense with the sheer jackets and hi-vis trends, they both hinting toward fashion that is practical and these boots coincide with that.

Pin Stripe

A trend that isn’t just for your best suit anymore, pinstripes are being added to a lot of different garments, and it’s adding sophistication to casual wear. Herrington jackets and thin knit jumpers work the trend best and make most styles perfects for any occasion.


A trend that is timeless, a fashion tracksuit is ideal for every season and you can alter the number of layers to match the season. In winter, buying a sports tracksuit with matching trucker hats for a casual yet intentional final look. Winter will likely see this style paired up with a heavier open coat so the tracksuit can still be seen while staying warm.

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