3 Fashion Trends Which Never Go Out Of Style

Fast fashion is a key characteristic of the fashion industry which we know today, with a short clothing lifespan, short-lived relationships between the customer and garments and poor quality material. It can be hard to find a piece of clothing which is worth investing in amongst shed loads of new arrivals and which you can wear time and time again without it going out of fashion. 

Trends change each and every season, but there are some certain items which should form part of your lasting wardrobe. So, if you want to refresh your wardrobe in time for the autumn season, here are 3 fashion trends which never go out of style!

A White T-Shirt

It might sound a little dramatic, but everyone needs a good quality white t-shirt in their wardrobe. Out of all the classics, there’s no doubting that a white tee is one of the simplest, but more sophisticated items you can have in your wardrobe. 

They can be worn for every occasion and have many different styling options: tucked into a pair of mom jeans with a belt, worn with a sharp blazer and work pants or with a pair of leggings, the possibilities are endless. White T-shirts are an almost indispensable item of clothing, for both men and women. Men may want to pair their white t-shirt with chino pants, or instead go for a mens graphic t shirt instead! 


The military trend originates back to World War II, where civilians, especially ladies, took to wearing the government-issued trench coats as part of their outerwear and, a few decades later, it found its way onto the runway. It keeps coming back as it’s functional, both in terms of colour, shape and style. 

Military-style items are usually made with tough fabric, so is long-lasting and its androgynous appeal means than anyone and everyone can wear it. Whether you go for a khaki jumpsuit, pair of military boots with jeans tucked in or an oversized jacket, the thing to remember is that it is an outfit, not a uniform. Keep an eye out for the details, such as pockets, insignias and buttons.


Flowers are an adornment as old as nature, but when it comes to being used on clothing, then blossoms were first seen on Japanese kimonos in the year 794 and then on rich Genoese fabrics and velvets in the 1400s. Floral patterns and accessories are pretty and can be worn in pretty much any shape or style. Now, floral clothing is fresh and less “old-curtains” than it used to be. In a sense, look for aubergine instead of lavender, as these deeper tones make them more appropriate whenever you decide to wear your chosen piece.  

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