3 Influences Fashion Has Had With Interior Design

Fashion is becoming more than just an individual style for people to wear, it’s having a bigger influence than you can imagine with trends continuing flow outside of the runway. One aspect where it’s had a major influence is through interior design and although some may argue that fashion trends to be ‘over-the-top’ and a bit glamorous for the home space, some of the more stripped-back trends have seen have been perfect complements to transfer to interior design.

Black is here to stay

Black is simple but effective. It’s a timeless favourite that provides a classic look when it comes to popular fashion trends and last year’s New York Fashion Week expressed just how elegant the colour choice can be.

Whilst it can be common in the fashion industry, implementing it into your interior design can be a bit of a risk. Painting all 4 walls black would be a sight to see, but it’s not the ideal design tip to have in your room. Instead, where black can be most effective is through accent features that you can add to your living space. In a neutral room where the majority of the colour scheme is relatively consistent, placing black accents around the room can make a bold statement to your interior.

A black designer sofa next to black accent chairs work well with neutral colours. The key is to have a bright room to complement the dark accents.

More than one colour

In the fashion world, it almost seems that the colour palette goes out of the window as we see the colours of the rainbow and more with different fashion styles. In recent times, luminous looks to have been a popular choice to really stand out from the rest of the pieces.

Similar to decorating your interior with black accents, trying to incorporate luminous colours into your room may seem a bit wild and crazy. Complimenting it with the neutral colours will certainly be the way forward for the future of interior design looks. Modern themes and styles can work perfectly in incorporating bold and brighter colours. 

Pairing small features together such as a patterned rug and a coloured armed chair can be the way to subtly incorporate the bright bold colours that you’re looking to add to your living space. Alternatively, if colour clashing isn’t your thing, another approach is choosing one statement piece of furniture such as an armchair or sofa and complementing it with neutral accents and rugs.

Patterns Galore

Patterns appear to be another theme that are making a great comeback on the catwalk. In particular, animal prints appear to be the go-to style for patterns, proving extremely popular with some of the most well renowned designers. Other patterns that are worth a mention include floral and stripes which have been ever present designs for interior.

We’d normally associate patterns with flooring and wallpaper for our interior design ideas, but with the influence from catwalk shows it’s becoming a time for patterns to be a bolder statement for interior design ideas. Consider patterned furniture for your living space to create a continuous theme throughout or feel free to mix and match to provide a bespoke look that will be matching ideas taken from the fashion scene.

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