Essential Things to Pack for a Wedding Abroad

If you’re lucky enough to be a guest headed abroad to watch the happy couple tie the knot, then no doubt you’re taking advantage and treating it like a holiday at the same time! Packing for a wedding abroad isn’t an easy task, particularly when you’re limited to just one suitcase. Not only do you need to pack everything you need for the wedding day itself, but then you’ll want plenty of other outfits for the rest of your time out there. If you’re struggling to get everything together, check out our list of essential things to pack for a wedding abroad:

The Perfect Wedding Guest Outfit

Typically, a timeless dress, heels and shawl is a winning combination when it comes to a wedding guest outfit. However, when you’re jetting off to a wedding abroad, the rules are a little different. First of all, if you’re going to be somewhere hot, you can lose the idea of needing any kind of cover-up or cardigan. You’ll also need to consider the perfect fabrics. Linen, chiffon, cotton and lace are all ideal for a sunny beach wedding. It’s best to stay away from the types of fabric that will cling to your skin when you sweat! 

Staying fresh during a long day in the sun is important, especially as you’ll be outdoors a lot of the time. Midi dresses are comfortable yet breezy, the perfect combination for a wedding outfit abroad. Team with some strappy sandals and a woven basket bag for a smart/casual look. If the celebration is a little more high-class and formal, then a long chiffon gown or a silk dress is more elegant. Pair with a clutch bag for a sleek and sophisticated outfit.

Last Minute Outfit Adjustments  

Even if you think you’ve got everything sorted down to the very finest details, there’s always room for something to go wrong! Ensure that you’re prepared for every eventuality with some outfit savers. First thing’s first – a needle and thread is a must. If you notice a hole in your dress, or perhaps a part that’s a little ill-fitting, you can quickly make adjustments so it looks unnoticeable on the big day. 

You should also carry a travel iron in your luggage if you’ve got the room. Of course, your hotel should usually be able to provide you with an iron, but there’s no harm in being extra cautious in case they don’t have any or if they’re all being used by the other guests! No matter how crease-free your clothes are before you pack them, no doubt they’ll have accrued a crease or two from the journey. 

If suddenly you’re getting ready and you feel like you’ve underdressed for the occasion compared to the other guests or that your outfit is missing that special detail, then it’s a great idea to pack a glamorous belt and some fabulous jewellery. This will instantly add some sparkle to any outfit. It can even be used to take your outfit from daytime to night-time in one simple step. 

Daytime Looks

Now that you’ve got your wedding outfit sorted, it’s time to think of the other daytime outfits you’ll need. Whether you’re there for a few days or a week, it’s always a good idea to bring a variety of outfits, preferably ones that you can mix and match. A few staple cami tops are ideal for sightseeing and strolling around the resort. Bring a few pairs of jean shorts and some skirts so you can alternate outfits. If you’re someone who still loves to keep in shape even when you’re away, then you’ll need some gym apparel for when you want to hit the high-tech hotel gym before the day gets started. Be sure to pack a comfortable pair of trainers, because they’ll also come in handy if you’re going on any excursions. 

Have you got kids already? You should keep an eye on their outfits too! There are many designer childrenswear brands out there to choose from!


Simplicity is always key when it comes to a beach wedding. After all, you’ll be out in the sweltering sun for a large proportion of the day, so the fewer things worn the better! However, it’s always best to pack a few staple accessories for when you want to take your outfit up a notch. A chunky necklace or bracelet could work really well with any linen or midi dress. The general rule of thumb is to let one outshine the other. So, if you’re wearing a floral dress, then scale it back on the accessories. On the other hand, if you’ve opted for a plain yet flattering dress, then you’ve got an opportunity to get a little more creative with your jewellery and other accessories. 

Furthermore, it’s always worthwhile bringing a hand fan to keep the heat at bay, a pair of sleek sunglasses, and perhaps even a sun umbrella to keep you cool during the ceremony. Rechargeable misting fans are also a good idea too.

Travel Necessities 

You can’t go on holiday without your travel necessities. Of course, you’ll need all your toiletry items like face wipes, shampoo & conditioner, face creams and sunscreen. Make sure that you’re bringing travel-sized versions of all your favourite products to keep your luggage as light as possible, or even pour them into smaller plastic bottles to save on space and weight. You should also stock up on any medications and sickness tablets before you go, as you never know where the nearest pharmacy might be if you were to feel a little unwell.

Finally, a small, travel-sized makeup kit is a must! There’s never enough room to bring every single product you need, so try and whittle it down to the absolute essentials. Also, if you only bring a small kit, you may be able to fit it into your handbag for touch-ups throughout the day. You may also be able to swap and share makeup with your friends while you’re there. You wouldn’t believe how one eyeshadow palette can be a lifesaver for everyone! Alternatively, you could see whether the bride’s makeup artist would have time to do your makeup too, that would save you bringing anything at all.

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