Everything Wrong With Supreme’s FW18 BOGO Crewneck

Let’s start off by saying that, woah: I am a massive Supreme’s fan. If you’re an avid teesandfears reader, then you’ll definitely know how passionate I am about streetwear and, bringing back the big S, I currently own 5 box logo pieces, 4 hoodies and yeah, one crewneck. Call me hypebeast, call me streetwear freak, I can’t help it. I’ve always been in love with the minimalistic design of these pieces, broken by that flashy Futura Heavy Oblique logo. Last year I was able to cop (oh dear, I’ve actually just said “cop”) a crewneck at the infamous drop in London and well, I wasn’t impressed.


supreme crewneck box logo


I know, streetwear isn’t all about materials and blah blahs like that, but hey, this is a bit too much, for £158. The FW18 bogo feels like a cheap Gildan-printed piece that you can buy online on those drop shipping stores that are constantly popping onto my Facebook’s newsfeed. Supreme, I know that having the same quality as your LV’s collab won’t be possible but come on, this is definitely not acceptable from a brand like yours!


supreme box logo green

Enough With This Reselling Bull**it

I’ve bought my first box logo hoodie via resell 2 years ago. Back then, the reselling price peaked at $1200 after 6 months, for pieces and colourways which were so hard to find, even personal shoppers and stylist were struggling. That’s understandable though, that model was limited at its release day and after 6 months, finding the rarest colourway would have required a lot of time. Supply and demand, we get it. Last year though, I’ve seen box logos on StockX at $900 30 minutes after the actual drop. Yes. 30 minutes. It’s time to stop.



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