Get The Neon Look

*queues Demi’s song*  Here we are, diving into the magnificent world of neon clothing. (And yes, it’s still a trend in this second half of 2019)

Is it really a fashion article without a Kim K reference?

But hey, if you don’t want to spend thousands on her Valentino or Louis Vuitton’s ones, there’s nothing wrong in going with a cheaper fit. Boohoo has a pretty flashy (see what I did there?) collection.

This bodysuit? Yes please!

Not a Boohoo fan? How about a Pretty Little Thing one? (Spoiler, I actually have this one and it’s fab!)

Get the Kylie look!

Not a fan of neon green? How about some pink? I personally love this Missguided piece.

“Pink, it was love at first sight!”

Girls, neon is still strong, let’s shine bright together, shall we?

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