Guest Post: 4 Jewellery Trends To Help You Sparkle This Spring

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Just like your favourite shoes, jewellery trends change every season. Whilst it is easy to treat your earring or necklace choices as an afterthought – particularly on days where you may be running late for work – having the right pieces can help you to totally transform a look.

Many people have one or two pieces which they choose to wear every day or to complete their work wardrobe, but we should always make room for an attention-grabbing piece of jewellery. But, when it comes to jewellery trends, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are four trends which are sure to be huge spring and completely transform your wardrobe.

Bold In Gold

Bold gold pieces are a must have for 2019 and particularly for this spring. Links and chains give a subtle nod to the 80s to create a retro statement that will perfect any look. When it comes to choosing pieces, oversized and chunky links and chains in bracelets and necklaces are the perfect statement accessories to complete whatever outfit you have on.

Coloured Gemstones

Going way beyond the traditional birthstone colours, coloured gemstones are featuring heavily in jewellery collections this season. Warm and fiery colours are the leading trend, with orange-based shades matching perfectly with neutral tones, including olives, browns and ivory. Making an appearance in necklaces, rings and earrings, you can create a truly stunning statement look with the addition of just one piece to your outfit. If you want to glam up a dress or even just a basic outfit, a coloured gemstone or two is sure to sort you out!

Bohemian Babe

Just in time for the festival season, bohemian jewellery is paving the way for new jewellery trends this spring. With features including gemstones, intricate patterns and jewels, bohemian jewellery is the perfect trend if you want to add softer and more subtle pieces to your outfit.

Often in gold, silver and rose gold colours, the chains and bands are typically delicate and are created to be worn with other pieces or on their own as an understated piece. If you are looking to start a bohemian jewellery collection, then start with a boho necklace or stacking ring collection – these pieces are easy to add to any outfit and can be easily coordinated with other pieces.

Statement Earrings

Whether you’ve just got an oversized hoodie and leggings on or your best dress, statement earrings can and will work with any look. Intricate earrings were particularly prominent on the SS19 runways last season, so get ready to see flowers, chandeliers, hoops and more featuring heavy this spring. For a more laidback everyday look, you can still incorporate this trend into your outfit, just go for simpler styles, such as embellished hoops or matchsticks instead.

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