GUEST POST : 5 Budget Brands Every Girl Needs to Try

Richard Meadow takes us through the world of budget fashion for her. Girls, remember: just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s cool!

Shopping the sales for the perfect outfit can at times, end in disappointment. It’s rare that you can find a brand that offers a complete range of on-trend garments that are friendly on your bank balance. Luckily 2019 is pushing the boundaries when it comes to affordable fashion, and it’s to a point where you might even start to wonder if the brand makes any money? Whether you’re looking for a silver chain belt or a dress for under $10 here’s a look at five budget-friendly brands.

Pretty Little Thing

A designer that can fulfil your every fashion need, Pretty Little Thing is a successful online retailer in both the USA and UK. Their ridiculously low prices might make you feel like you’re shopping the sale, with elaborate dresses for as little a $10 your only worry with Pretty Little Thing is to not overspend on buying too many alternatives. If your bank balance is still telling you, but you have an occasion coming up there’s even a buy now pay later service to take advantage of.

Forever 21

It’s more than likely that you have heard of Forever 21, but for anyone who hasn’t, this is the perfect brand when it comes to offering great value for money when compared to price. The brand is known for its casual take of fashion, and it’s the perfect place to shop for retro vibes, bright colours and alternative takes to the current trends.


Known for not only being affordable but also offering massive discounts throughout the year. Boohoo caters for just about anyone, prom dresses, menswear, casual wear and every accessory imaginable are all on their website. The brand offers a lot of celebrity collaborations which still don’t affect their pricing structure, and if you find yourself becoming pretty dependent on this website, you can pay $9.99 for a full year of next day delivery.


If you’re looking for a simpler brand with good ethical morals, Pact is a brand offering a sustainable and affordable range of clothing. The current demand for apparel around the globe has a major effect on the environment, as cotton needs to be chemically grown to meet this demand. This effects local towns, the land and wildlife, and companies like Pact are trying to put a stop to it. Pact offers certified organic cotton in the manufacture of their clothing and also use fair trade factories. Pact’s designs are simple, comfortable and ready for everyday use.

Miss Rebel

A brand that offers a variety of women’s clothing for the perfect budget price. With a section for ladies looking for fashion for under £5 it’s not likely that you’ll find clothing at a lower price (unless you venture into a charity shop). Regardless of whether you browse the under £5 section or the rest of the website you’re going to be saving some money on what could have been a pricy purchase.

So, next time you need a dress for a night out or a new pair of everyday jeans, it worth trying these options out before you break the bank with an unnecessary purchase.  

Richard Meadow is a freelance writer that focuses on fashion trends, health and sports. He enjoys researching and identifying new styles and writing about them daily. In his spare time, he enjoys watching football and supports Aston Villa.

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