How Groundbreaking Is Virgil Abloh’s Position At Louis Vuitton? πŸ€”

In 2017, the whole fashion industry was heavily changed by a single man called Virgil Abloh. Already famous for his previous PYREX Vision and for OFF-White, Abloh became famous mostly because of his experience as Kanye West’s creative director, which happened after they both shared an internship over at Fendi. One thing to mention, although, is the fact that, even if the entire fashion business acknowledged Abloh as a big personality, now Virgil is running the biggest fashion firm in the whole world and is responsible for the entire men’s division. With that in mind, let’s try to understand how this move was so impactful.

It Was A Long Process

In an interview held by Naomi Campbell for British Vogue, Abloh said that the process, in order to reach the creative director’s position, was incredibly long (more than 2 years). This is incredibly important to better understand the magnitude of such a move from the French firm. Abloh was in fact due to take Kim Jones’ place, which was quite the task: Jones has been nominated for multiple awards and it was quite clear at the time how impactful his designs were for the whole fashion community.

The Impact: Hypothesis, Plans and Delivery

With the presentation of his first collection, Virgil’s critics pointed out how his background in streetwear design was due to destroy Louis Vuitton as a whole. This was already clear when his first designs were released to the public, even before the actual live presentation. Abloh’s plan was, in fact, focused around delivering a high-class streetwear-based collection which could have been able to reach the level of the infamous collaboration between the American brand “Supreme” and the French brand, probably one of the most iconic ones within the whole fashion business.


Abloh’s Background: A Ray Of Light In The Fashion World

If there’s a thing that separates Virgil from other designers is the fact that Virgil is indeed not related to fashion design at all. In fact, with a background in civil engineering, Abloh never received any preparation on the technical side of fashion design, which is also why he became so famous. With that being said, Abloh was a source of inspiration to many new fashion design enthusiasts, given the fact that the whole OFF-White paradigm opened many doors to small indie brands in the mainstream market.

The Future

Although there are many “old school” personalities who are trying to condemn Louis Vuitton’s choice to have Abloh as their new creative person, this move will definitely be the foundation to many more bright things within the fashion industry, especially from a scouting point of view. Many designers, in fact, are being recruited by top-level brands right now, following the Abloh’s example.

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