Matching Your Home Decor to Your Fashion Sense

When it comes to life there are two temples that you need to outfit for ultimate comfort; your body and your home. Often, you will find that your look in the home is very different outside the home. And you may prefer to have these two design threads more connected than you 

As a result, there are a number of ways that you can work your personal style into the overall decor of your home. Here are a few tips on how: 

Know Your Colour/Patterns 

Colour is very important when it comes to both fashion and decor choice, it’s a simple fact of style. So, it almost goes without saying that we have to be careful when we choose the colours to paint our lives with. Both at home and on the street. 

Bright, light, colours speak to a certain type of personality and style. So make sure you use this to your advantage if that’s the kind of look you want to portray. Likewise, dark, geometric, shapes from the Art Deco styling fit a completely different kind of fashion sense. So, know when to balance these two out. 

And remember, colour is nothing without the patterns that support it. Your colour and pattern choice go hand in hand. Hot pink and geometric shaped wallpaper? Probably not as nice as you would think. It’s all about perfect matching, which can take some experimentation. But, once you get there you will be in awe at the results. The right colour or pattern can really make a room POP! 

Consider the Style Choices 

There are many pre-ordained styles currently available across both fashion and home decor. You likely already have your own personal fashion, so which style best fits with this? Likely, you will find something that closely–if not perfectly–matches this. For example, if you have a goth-Esque fashion sense then the Modern decor style will definitely match with you. Using this as a style guide, you can outfit your home with lots of dark hues, harsh lines and minimalistic appearance will work wonders to match. 

Make Your Personality Shine 

Fashion is an expression of personality. So, if you want your fashion to come to life in your home decor, it is important to ensure that your personality is prevalent throughout as well. If not, you may feel that something is indescribably missing from the whole scene. 

How can you add your personality into a room? Well, it depends entirely on you yourself. But, some good ways to do this without too much thought is through art and accessories. Art is almost always a reflection of the people who buy it. Don’t be afraid to buy the pieces that speak to you and you alone for that very reason. Why? Because that’s you picking out living representations of your personality, perfect for any space! 

Choose Stand-Out Pieces 

One final thing to consider is the furniture pieces that you will need to bring the room together. 

Remember, there are a lot of contemporary furniture pieces which can really speak for themselves in terms of style. So don’t be afraid to pick these out and test them out against the backdrop you have created. They may work or they may not, you simply have to cycle through until you find the perfect match. 

And there you have it! Everything you need to perfectly meld your personal fashion and home decor together into a perfect partnership!

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