Standing Out In A Saturated Streetwear Scene

Over the past few years, streetwear has blown up massively and now it’s one of the most popular and most talked-about styles in the world. While they are plenty of sub-styles to choose from, it can be difficult to make you make with the rules of streetwear allowing clashing and bold designs to become the norm.

But how could you possibly stand out now that illumines mix and match trends are making the iconic the norm, Here’s the take:


Brands such as BAPE, Supreme and Palace all have a history in the street and skate culture, which makes it the top level of streetwear. Knowing a brands origin makes it stand out and while the big brands such as Nike and Adidas offer streetwear, they don’t offer a street origin. Knowing which brand create the trends rather than follow them is key to staying on top with your streetwear choices.


While some brands are just here to look good, some want to offer more. Some designers want to create change or inspire their followers. Be Yourself Clothing is a labelled offering both simple and unique designs which their simple scribble branding “Be Yourself”. The Brand encourages people to be authentic and stay true to their beliefs regardless of other peoples opinions. CHNGE is another brand that offers bold statement streetwear, offering organic sustainable products and even donates to charity with every purchase. Fighting for equality, this streetwear brand advertises its beliefs on its garments with unique designs that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Both these brand have plenty of reason to stand out from the rest, mens urban clothing offering more then unique prints is key in 2019. Having morals and reason to speak out helps you to stand out.

Smaller Brands

While the big brands are noticeable, standing out in the streetwear scene comes from wearing low-key brands that others want to know more about. It’s not just about wearing a new label either, finding small labels that want to design unique garments, can be tough to find but it means you’re not just buying the brand for the name. 

Get Creative

There are very little rules when it comes to streetwear, clashing prints, bright colours and matching up are all the norm now so finding new inspiration for what you wear is a good way to stand out. Although high fashion streetwear proves to offer very expensive and elaborate styles, you can still find inspiration in what they are wearing.

Statement Piece

While clashing designs are a current trend, if this isn’t really your style having a statement piece can change the game. Wearing camo trousers or a pair of bright trainers rather than focusing on your top can make more of a statement then just wearing high-end brands.

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