Top 5 Eco-Friendly Spring/Summer Beauty Essentials

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It’s never an easy task switching up your beauty regime, particularly when it means going green and ditching some of your old favourites. Cruelty-free, sustainable and kind to your skin are the latest trends when it comes to beauty as brands are beginning to make eco-conscious efforts to provide quality products that cause no harm to the planet or animals.  

The sustainable beauty movement is rapidly growing as people are becoming aware of the importance of going green and the impacts this has on our planet. Here are the top 5 eco-friendly essentials you should add to your beauty regime this spring/summer.

Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees are renowned for their amazing range of natural lip care using only ingredients that support the skin and planet.

We all know that with winter, comes chapped and cracked lips that feel like they’ll never fix. Try Burt’s Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm that is infused with rich kokum and cocoa butter for intense hydration. A top tip is to care for your lips before they have cracked, as this will prevent as well as repair.

Soap Daze

Soap Daze is an independent beauty brand based in Devon. They made a range of handmade soaps that use only natural ingredients. Each product is delicately crafted with the planet in mind. Founded by Sharon, Soap Daze showcases a passion to make wholesome soaps and skincare products that have honest and natural ingredients which are kind to everything and everyone.

Their top seller is their vegan ‘soap on a rope’ which is perfect for summer showers.

Wish Upon a Sparkle

With festival season looming, where would you be without some glitter? For most of us, a makeup must-have is glitter. Wish Upon a Sparkle introduced their range of environmentally friendly cosmetic glitter which is made from cellulose, a completely compostable material meaning you don’t need to hold back on the sparkle this year!

The Body Shop

Founded in Brighton in 1976, Anita Roddick believed that business should be a force of good.

We can often forget about the importance of the health of our hair focusing on just our skin. With the essential expenses of Christmas presents and good skin care, the thought of spending more money on hair care is understandably off-putting. The Body Shop have a range of affordable haircare. If your hair is looking a little dry and dull this winter, then try the Rainforest Moisture Shampoo for just £5.50. This will leave your hair feeling super smooth and shiny.

Cloud Cloth Makeup Remover

There is no better feeling than taking your makeup off after a long day and let’s face it, it is an accentual part of our beauty routine in order to keep our skin clear and prevent breakouts. However, we are all guilty of using one too many wipes and cotton pads and have you ever wondered what happens to all of those makeup wipes and cotton pads? Fortunately, many beauty brands are coming up with eco-friendly ways you can remove your makeup without harming the planet.

The dual sided Cloud Cloth is a natural cotton cleansing cloth that removes 100% of your makeup as well exfoliating the skin leaving it feeling clean and soft. The Cloud Clothcomes in a pack of three and is completely machine washable meaning you can use them again making it the perfect eco-friendly alternative.

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