Why We Should Start Buying From Sustainable Brands

Emerging sustainable clothing brands are no doubt evidence of the changing times. It seems now more than ever before, consumers are finally becoming more conscious about where their clothing comes from.  A study in 2017 by Unilever showed that globally, 33% of consumers are now buying sustainable brands because they believe in what they represent. This is a staggering revelation – and a wake up call for most clothing brands.

What Defines “Sustainability”?

In essence, sustainability is about using resources around you to live a life that is less harmful to the planet. One way of improving our sustainability is to buy more eco-friendly clothing. This is specially made clothing that uses recycled materials to create beautiful collections. For these brands, sustainability isn’t just about the clothing either, the manufacturing process has also been made more environmentally friendly. Clothes are made from plastic, old fabric and consumer waste, saving them from ending up in a landfill and polluting the planet.

Brands Doing The Most

So, now you know exactly why you should start buying sustainable fashion, but are you aware of the brands dominating the game? Here’s a list of the brands doing the most right now:


The well-known sports/streetwear brand are starting to take sustainability a little more seriously. Which is good seeing as most of their target market is millennials – a generation known for their forwarding-thinking. They’ve recently collaborated with Grammy nominated artists SZA to produce a line of casual jumpers and hoodies, all made with sustainable materials. One of the more popular sellers is a jumper that simply reads ‘Puck Flastic’.


One of the biggest brands tackling the industry’s approach to throw-away clothing is H&M. They’ve made a vow with their conscious collection to use as many organic and recycled materials as possible. They’ll be making sure that all their cotton comes from sustainable sources. Their aim is to become fully sustainable by 2030! They also run a recycling scheme for customers to bring in their old clothes and textiles (no matter where they were purchased from).

Beaumont Organic

This UK born brand has a unique selling point; they only use GOTS-certified cotton to manufacture their clothing. All of their pieces jump on board with the athleisure movement, with cosy and casual pieces that can easily be worn in and out of the gym.


This brand are one of the newest on the scene, making versatile clothing that’s both stylish and sustainable. They mainly focus on women’s workwear, designing everything from dresses to smart trousers. Also, a massive bonus to buying from this brand is that they donate a portion of their profits to help improve the lives of women across the world.

What Does The Future Look Like?

The increased interest in sustainability has encouraged brands to take action in the fight against pollution on our beautiful planet. It’s hoped that designers will respond the change in consumer’s buying habits, catering to those who are interested in where their clothes are actually coming from

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