The Time Has Come: “Where Are We Going This Summer?”

Picking a holiday destination isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially if you’re late with your plans or on a tight budget. This year, I am including myself in the “we’ll sort it out later” team, as to this very date I wasn’t able to pick a destination for me and my boyfriend. With this in mind, I thought: “Wow, this could be a great blog post!” and therefore, here I am. Let’s pick some good places which will do our summer holidays justice, shall we?

Los Angeles

LA is a place to which I think everyone should in their lives. Not only a fantastic place for what concerns its natural sceneries, but also because, come on, it’s the city of dreams! Hollywood, Venice and Malibu are just three names that come to mind, but don’t take as an exaggeration me saying that LA is magical on every single block. Only downside of this would be, of course, the flight itself, which is 12 hours long from London! But hey, don’t get me wrong, nothing scares me and me trusted travel pillow, I’ll just sleep throughout the whole flight!


Konnichiwa, everyone! I always wanted to go to Tokyo, mainly because of the delicious sushi, which isn’t really comparable to the one made in the UK (especially price-wise, haha). This year, Tokyo’s very own Sukiyabashi Jiro, the sushi restaurant run by Jiro himself is opening a second place in Shibuya, attracting a lot of international travellers, including me. If you live in the UK, a trip to Tokyo and back is currently around £1200 return, but is very much worth it, trust me!


Barcelona is a great pick for the ones who live in Europe and want to spend a week (or just a couple of days, eventually) without murdering their finances. Spain’s very own capital offers a variety of attractions and things to do and see, ranging from the beautiful Sagrada Familia to a very bubbly club scene and nightlife. I wouldn’t recommend Barcelona to a couple who wants to relax for an entire week but hey, if you’ve never been, that must be on your list for this summer.


Good food? Check. Fantastic monuments and architecture? Check. Cheap? Of course. Rome is the go-to place in Italy if you’ve never been. Given the fact that the entire city centre is explorable by feet, it won’t be hard for you to orientate and see all the beautiful pieces of historical architecture there. I would recommend Rome to the couple who’s looking for a romantic escape.

Alice Porter is our travel expert. She’s also a business writer who writes in order to inform business owners on how to create a more successful and ethical workplace.

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