3 Necessary Steps to Become a Fashion Writer

It’s fair to say that you have a love for fashion but don’t quite have the looks for the catwalk runway, the next best thing is being able to write about it. It’s not as easy to get into the industry as many think, however. It takes your typical hard work and enthusiasm to get to where you want to be, so you’re probably looking for any possible steps to get there.

I’d like to think that I’m rather happy and content with my position as a freelance fashion writer at the moment, and I’m gaining opportunities that I really can’t complain about. So, I thought I would share my 3 essential steps to become a successful freelance fashion writer.

Build a quality writing portfolio

Many believe that in order to pursue a career in writing, you need to have done some form of writing degree. However, the truth is all you actually need is a quality writing portfolio. Let’s not undermine that you do also need a great passion for fashion, because the passion can complement your writing skills and give it an extra edge. But writing is a skill, and it’s something that can easily be developed.

By creating a writing portfolio, you’re showcasing your skills as a writer and how you can create images and stories through your compelling choice of words. Whenever you create a piece, large or small, be sure to document it so you can provide this for any roles that you go for or if you’re looking to create your own business through your skills.

Develop the art of pitching

The mistake that many writers make is applying for typical freelance jobs that they find on job boards and websites. The issue with this is that the jobs are extremely competitive and not very well-paid for someone with great skills. The best freelance jobs are the ones that are rarely posted on such sites.

The most effective way to find your own freelance work is to successfully develop the art of cold emailing and pitching to several fashion businesses that you see yourself writing for. This is what can ignite your freelance career. But you need to make sure that your pitch is perfect, because your skills might shine through your articles, your pitch can be easily put in the mail trash if it doesn’t grab their attention from the beginning.

Writing the article is only part of the job

Writing the articles is one aspect, but there are also so many more aspects that you need to consider when being a fashion writer. You need to see yourself as a product that you need to sell to these companies. It’s the difference between using your passion as a side job or being something bigger. 

Conduct your work in the right way and you could see yourself earning a lot more money than you can imagine. If you can attract the right clients with your writing skills and product, the more you’ll be paid for your services. Be ready for the pitching, selling and interest aspect to your writing career, because you’ll need these in abundance.

Becoming a fashion writer for the future

Put these necessary steps into practice and you can find yourself on your way to the top. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and dedication before you get there, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. 

After this, you can then start to think bigger. Having a writing service business where you need legal representation from dispute resolution solicitors, creating your brand logo through your branding agency, organising meetings with high end clients who are looking for your services.

The possibilities are endless, it’s just about how you’re looking to take it forward and whether you’re ready for the big steps.

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