4 Ways To Keep Your Conservatory Warm Over The Winter

During the warm summer months, your conservatory is the place to be as it provides a light-filled space you can relax in or entertain friends and family. But, when the winter weather arrives, your conservatory can quickly become an abandoned space, transforming into a cold and uninviting room where you don’t want to spend time. In order to turn your conservatory into a space which you can use all year round, you need to ensure that it can be cooling in the summer, but also a warm retreat in the winter. 

Glazing Is Key

Glass will never be a good choice when it comes to insulation – it won’t keep a space as warm as brickwork and even the most advanced triple glazing won’t be anywhere near as good at retaining heat as a properly insulated wall. 

But, there is now a huge range of window glazing available, all of varying quality, so be sure to check window glazing prices. Whilst replacing all the glass in your conservatory will be expensive, the benefits of replacing the glass will depend on how often you use your conservatory. If you have an older conservatory, then it may be wise to investigate the cost of upgrading. 

Think About Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings, such as blinds and drapes are great at retaining heat, so if your conservatory is cold during the winter months and your windows are bare, it may be worth investing in coverings for your conservatory. 

Soft furnishings can also minimise draughts, so things such as rugs and cushions can also help to minimise additional coldness. If you have conservatory furniture, then you can also get this reupholstered to a warmer material if this is causing issues, or just simply add blankets or throws. It may also be worth thinking about updating your conservatory decor, as even just a change in colour or style can make a room feel warmer. 

Is It Time To Change Your Flooring?

If the only thing you notice in your conservatory is the cold floor, then it may be time to give your flooring an update. Whilst underfloor heating provides a great deal of warmth and comfort, this is an expensive choice so should only be considered if you use your conservatory a lot. 

You won’t lose much heat through the floor, but just walking on a cold surface provides a great deal of discomfort and makes the room much more uncomfortable. You can combat this by adding a deep pile carpet or fluffy rug or, if you have tiled flooring, consider changing this for wooden flooring and add a layer of insulation underneath. 

Invest In A New Roof

Many older conservatories have a reputation for being far too cold to use in the winter, but this is likely to be down to the roof used on construction. Conservatories which were built 5-15 years ago are likely to have a single-glazed or polycarbonate roof, which will be providing very little protection and insulation from the cold weather. If your conservatory has a roof of this type, it may be worth looking at changing it. A tiled or hybrid roof can transform your conservatory into a room you can use all year round and can be installed in a matter of days as all the original walls, windows and doors are retained. 

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